F O M O L A N D  moving to the Metaverse!

With local Covid-19 issues escalating the hotel’s governing body has decided to cancel ALL EVENTS at the hotel for the foreseeable future. 

What does this means for us? Well, not much and a lot at the same time.

F O M O L A N D – we will be moving to the metaverse. Think online galleries of the artists, commentaries, gallery walks and artist discussions. Please hold tight as we take this fluid environment we are now in and reconfigure the event. We are working now from both Europe and Asia to make this the best.

Bored Ape Social Club – will be moving locations. We are discussing possible locations with some of the other apes (artists) to find the best fit for what we have planned. Keep and eye on our socials or the c.ur8 blog for updated information.



If you would like to book a room(s) at the hotel, they have provided us with a the following promo code – nft 2021

Please use this code when making your reservation. There is a Hotel Reservations link in the header that will take you to the hotel’s reservation system where.


Event Ticketing

Event ticketing is has been disables as we move to the Metaverse.




The Buzz

We are busy on-boarding exciting and talented artists, speakers and sponsors now (while working our day jobs). Please check the blog and our social media channels for updates thank you again for your interest in F O M O L A N D 2021 Nottwil.

Looking forward to meeting you (and all of our community members) this October.





Our Location – Hotel Sempachersee

Hotel Sempachersee is a 150 room hotel a short walk from sempachersee (sempach lake), affording you numerous outdoor activities.

The hotel is part of the The Swiss Paraplegic Group (SPG), a non-profit that runs the EU’s leading center for spinal cord injuries and rehabilitation.

For more information on the area surrounding the hotel can be found at luzern.com