Artist Spotlight – Harry Pack

Artist’s Name – Harry Pack

Age – 37

Country – United Kingdom

A little about Harry;

I have been making art all my life
My work is an ongoing exploration into another surreal, dreamlike dimension, full of things moving and growing, smiling and laughing, everything is odd and inquisitive and seems strangely recognizable. I research my life through creating memories in abstract and surreal forms. taking inspiration from dreams, conversations, the books i read and life experience.

I joined the NFT space about 2 months ago having heard about it through friends. I did my research, was helped onboard by a collaborator and have been connecting with fellow creatives and sharing insights in the space ever since. My digital work is made using Procreate on the ipad although over the last decade I have been using pens on paper.

I am delving deeper into the digital art scene as a result of my journey through the NFT space.