Ape Social with BAYC #9956 @Mr Trapie

I’ll be posting on the blog of conversation notes with various owners of the BAYC.

* collector based in Sweden
* we asked each other who we usually discussed NFTs with in real life – most people remain suspect (what justifies the market for JPEGs?)
* friends have advised him to cash in his NFTs to buy a car
* often the quality of the conversation is attributed to the overall knowledge people have about the space (crypto wallets, exchanges, tokens)
* he finds the technical and utility side of NFTs interesting and even more so how NFTs empowers all parties (artist, collector)
* artists can earn off royalties, giving a chance for them to monetize better
* NFTs have the power to authenticate based on ownership
* I reached out to him because he had an ape profile; I invited him to speak based on his solely on his new PFP
* it made me want to “lease” an ape just to get into the community and chat
* what’s more interesting is the value of authentication, that if one day twitter was to “blue check” your profile based on your wallet public key, it would immediately grant you credentials based on your NFT
* we talked about communities that would thrive on this model such as sports clubs
* perhaps at this point people may think NFTs are valuable only for it’s secondary value, but the future will allow community building and identity