Meet Sisi, the FOMOLAND artist

The team at are honored to introduce Sisi, the artist behind the F O M O L A N D creative we have chosen to represent our genesis event.

We are really excited to have her on board and to be able to offer her exposure to the greater NFT community. While we are working on some really cool stuff to promote this exceptional piece, please take a minute to read her bio that she has passed along.


From the artist;

Sisi is a freelance artist and illustrator with a passion for ink and watercolour techniques. Her illustration style is influenced by both Japanese manga art and traditional Chinese water painting producing sharp graphic imagery, combined with a natural warmth in all her pieces.

Her versatility with traditional and digital techniques has allow her to work on many commercial illustrations varying from branding and packaging to character design and book illustrations.

Sisi’s love and passion for all things design has led her to England now where she dreams of further developing her illustration and artistic style. F O M O L A N D will be her very first introduction to the cryptomedia form.