I’ve become fascinated with the growing organism that is the cryptomedia space with a primary focus on NFTs and blockchain technology. I know that I’m fascinated when I develop an intrinsic desire to understand it. The challenge is that the organism is growing in all directions that it becomes a bit overwhelming for those with piqued curiosity. And with that I say, challenge accepted!

In terms of my own learning, I’ve been fortunate to have close friends in the space who have pointed me in the right direction. Currently my reference points are the work of individuals and companies building industry standard. One of my favourite articles written by Linda Xie has laid the foundation for my understanding. Her writing is succinct yet layered, simplifying big ideas into chunk-sized food for thought (I recommend it to anyone looking for definitive writing on NFTs). More interestingly is the platform in which her article was published on (Mirror Protocol), a DeFi platform that minted her “entry” as an NFT. Not only has it allowed her to generate revenue from her fans but also have access to crowdfunding and auctioning abilities, large scale projects that normally require multiple third-party involvement. The nature of DeFi empowers content creators to become ultra-independent, and I’ve only scratched the surface.

Despite the overwhelming amount of new tech and content being created as I write this, I feel better summarizing my personal experience in this piece. As I am with any new discovery of an interesting phenomenon, my journey of peeling back the layers will be taken back to the classroom and introduced to my students. This has been the summer of crypto for your run-of-the-mill teacher. Thanks for reading!