Adapting the Classroom for the Digital Future Series – On Teacher Responsibilities

Over the course of the last decade, I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds if not thousands of people in education. Although my daily interactions range widely from principals to students, it is my role as a teacher that has allowed me to learn, observe and evaluate mostly from my colleagues. Teaching staff are at the front lines of this profession; a feat nothing short of overwhelming. They deliver and carry out demands from an entire industry influenced by a never-ending list:

– Politics – determined by a government body that develop and administer policy and programs that reflect the best interests of the public.
– Society and Culture – adjusting to the timeless phenomenon of societal trends, changes, and the human condition.
– Pedagogy – exposure to new academic research and theory developed by professionals in the field of education.
– Business – balancing the demands of stakeholders, trustees, and investors in private education.
– Family – recognizing family values that play a role in the child’s development.

With these expectations over their heads, it’s easy for everyone involved in the system to forget about the most important individual- the student. I’ll be spending the next few posts sharing my experience working with children.