Adapting the Classroom for the Digital Future Series – Tech in my Classroom

Teachers never have enough time. Any teacher can tell you when they have sacrificed time in their personal lives to make that small difference in a student’s understanding and/or social well-being. Now with the advancement of educational tech products and services readily available, teachers are able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Ever since becoming a teacher I’ve always leveraged the power of software to empower my teaching practice. I remember during my first year of teaching how excited I was for Google classroom to launch in Canada. At the time, the software was enterprise access only, but eventually it became available for educators to finally access cloud computing and services. Less than 10 years later and now most schools provide mobile work devices or encourage students to bring their own. With the adoption of powerful cloud software came hardware sales, demand for Google ready devices (Chromebooks) in public schools was satisfied by increased hardware production in the tech market. This was often made possible by annually allocated grants by the government. For the free world, we’ve arrived at a point in time where tech funding will always be there and no child will be without a device.

Google services have been instrumental in any position of management, relevant in the case of teachers with class numbers of over 100+ students. Cloud services and products have empowered me in the following ways:
– larger oversight
– instantaneous feedback
– fostering an online community
– organization.
By delivering lessons with a few of these improvements, I am rest assured that the managerial aspects of my classroom are covered, affording me valuable time to prepare lessons that are relevant to my younger audience. This is important because being relevant (staying hip, being cool, and having influence) requires research and time, something I wouldn’t have without the aforementioned tech.

I’ve spent some time this summer thinking… where will the classroom be headed in the next 10 years? This summer I will examine how the everchanging nature of technology will continue to revolutionize the job of a teacher.